Personal and Professional Development

What gives you overall meaning and purpose in life? This could be paid employment, your family, or volunteer experiences. Whenever you are engaged in activities that give you a sense off fulfillment, you have the opportunities to enhance your health and bring joy in your life.

Personal Development

Personal development can be the same as or different from your professional goals.  Being interested in an activity such as music, art, reading, travel, sport, gardening or history, to name just a few, can increase the richness in your life and keep the brain active and motivated.

Professional Development

You may spend most of your waking hours at work.  People who do something they love to do with people they enjoy have an energy that makes life full and rich.  Having a positive impact on those around you and contributing to your community adds value to your life and to others.  

Not a Good Fit

Sometimes people end up in jobs that wear them down, are bored in their jobs, or are with people that cause more stress than the job is worth.  Or they may enjoy the work but it requires too much time, energy or travel.  This is when work becomes overwhelming and stressful, leading to health problems.  

Balancing Personal and Professional Development

In our modern life when work can follow us home on laptops and smart phones, it can be difficult to find the right balance between our personal and professional worlds.  How have you filled your days and what impact is it having on your mental, physical, and social health? 

Some Questions.....

  • If money and time were no object, what would you love to do that would bring you a sense of satisfaction, joy and purpose?
  • How balanced are your work and your personal interests?  What would you need to do to bring them more in balance?
  • If you continue with your current balance, how will your life be five years from now?  How about 10?