Multiple studies have linked the food we put in to our bodies with health outcomes.  By changing just a few aspects of your nutrition, you can greatly improve your health AND have fun doing it. Trying new recipes, adding spices and varieties of foods, as well as eating fresh foods that are in season can help keep you out of autopilot.

Nine Key Strategies for Healthier Eating

  1. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake
  2. Build a diet around health fats with anti-inflammatory benefits
  3. Shift the protein sources in your diet
  4. Increase fiber rich foods
  5. Consume at least one ounce of nuts, nut butters, or seeds most days of the week
  6. Consume probiotics daily through foods
  7. Increase your fluid intake daily
  8. Drink alcohol moderately or not at all
  9. Know important vitamin and mineral levels
(developed by Duke Integrative Medicine)